Just before our lovely snow storm on January 12th, our family (Josh and Kassie) decided it was a perfect day to make another trip to HSHV. Here’s a little backstory. Josh and I had our first dog together two years ago. His name was Blu Barry, he was an Alaskan Malmute/Boxer mix and was just a year old when we got the unfortunate diagnosis of large cell lymphoma. Two months after his diagnosis, Blu passed peacefully after our tremendous attempts with chemo.

After he passed we knew our hearts longed for another companion but it just had to be the right time. Fast forward to our wonderful day. We made one trip around the dog section and greeted many pups when we saw Curtis, who was very shy on our first pass around. We made a second pass around and Curtis popped up and wanted to show us his tennis ball. Immediately a connection was made. We took Curtis for a walk outside and we decided he should come home with us.

Fast forward through the adoption process — we took Curtis home and it’s like the stars all aligned. Curtis got in the car like he knew what was going on, we took him home and it seemed like he knew the house already. We decided to rename Curtis (due to his past we wanted to give him a brand new future) to a bold name that suits him well: Titan. We believe in our hearts Blu our angel sent us Titan our missing puzzle piece. We are truly happy and blessed to have him in his now furever home 🩷

Curtis now Titan